Detox in a Toxic World: Body, Home + Life

Detoxification is simply the process of removing toxins from our bodies and, despite it being trendy today, detoxing is actually an ancient method of healing.

Mold + Biotoxin Guide

Mold is one of the quickest growing challenges to our health and it is getting worse every year. The development of modern building techniques, exacerbation by growing electrical signaling (EMF's) and a general unawareness has created a perfect storm for the worsening of mold illness.

Vision: The Cornerstone of Abundant Health

Vision: a foundational component for living with abundant health. Having a clear vision for your health both now and in the future is crucial! We also have to believe that it is possible. Without clear vision, the results we see with patients often end up being frustration, inefficient and compromised. We end up doing a lot of trying, searching and hoping that often ends with a loss of hope and settling for suboptimal health.

Fasting Guide

ChiRho Health and Wellness Center's approach to healing is based upon the innate ability to heal itself. Over the years we've found that the most powerful “medicines” don't come in the form of a pill or even a “treatment” but via design and ultimately long-standing practices that have been around for centuries. Our unique system of teaching and care is called CAMP which stands for COURAGE – AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM – MITOCHONDRIA – PURPOSE.

Body Composition: Metabolism, Movement & More

In this guide you will learn how to build bone density & muscle mass, optimize body fat as well as incorporate fitness into your lifestyle

Immune System Optimization Guide

This Free Guide Reveals:
1. Top immune support recommendations
2. How to orient your lifestyle for wellness
3. How to measure your health status
4. Keys to unlocking real results!

C.A.M.P. Nutrition Guide

Applying this lesson to the many books, articles, podcasts and speakers we have learned from regarding diets has led to the principles presented in the next pages. Every diet from vegetarian and vegan to paleo and ketogenic has brilliant research and even patient results demonstrating positive changes but every single one can also be done in a way that shaves countless years off of your life. This is why writing another article about the “Perfect Diet” is not only a waste of your time to read but a misleading lie.

Women's Health Guide

Thank you for reading our Women's Health Guide! We have created it to help every person that reads it discover powerful ways to support themselves or the ladies in their life. Ladies, moms, moms-to-be need support more now than ever! We are seeing dramatic rises in infertility, anxiety, depression, and metabolic disorders and the purpose of this guide is to turn those unfortunate trends around! We invite you to engage in the content and incorporate as much of it as you can as quickly as possible.

HRV: Nervous System Optimization Guide

Heart Rate Variability or HRV for short has quickly moved from the research labs to everyday life thanks in part to convenient monitors such as the Oura Ring. A sleek and stylish ring that slips on any finger produces one of the most important measurements for tracking your health; heart rate variability.

Children's Health Guide: Essentials of Raising Healthy Children

Here at Chirho our mission from day one when we opened has always been to “Help as many people as possible FUNCTION at their highest level of health and life – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!”. This generation of kids faces more toxins and stressors than any other American generation in history. It is up to each of us as adults to learn, protect, and equip these youngsters. They are precious and created for amazing things!

Thyroid Health

It is estimated that there are over 20 million Americans dealing with a thyroid disorder. Women are between 5-8 times more likely to have thyroid dysfunction and nearly 60% of people who have sub-optimal thyroid health do not even know they have it. Despite these alarming statistics, much of the healthcare field are still in the stone ages in regards to testing, diagnosis and ultimately treating this condition.