Unlock Your Wellness Potential

Unlock Your Wellness Potential

Unique formulas designed to help

you achieve optimal well-being.

Unique formulas designed to help you achieve optimal well-being.

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By shifting the traditional disease centered focus of medical practice to anindividualized, patient centered approach, the Chi Rho system is able to address the whole person, rather than a set of symptoms.

The combination of testing and treatment using lifestyle management and therapeutic support with professional grade supplements is the key to resilience and vital health.



Chi Rho Chiropractic - Melatonin SRT Chi Rho Chiropractic - Melatonin SRT Supplement Facts
Chi rho Chiropractic
Melatonin SRT
Melatonin SRT provides 6 mg of the hormone melatonin in a sustained release tablet. As a supplement, melatonin is useful for regulating sleep and the body’s daily rhythmic cycle. Various factors may cause melatonin levels to become low, such as inadequate dietary intake of...
Chi Rho Chiropractic - Daily Mag Chi Rho Chiropractic - Daily Mag Supplement Facts
Chi rho Chiropractic
Daily Mag
Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body and is found naturally in many foods, like green leafy vegetables. It is also found in over-the-counter medications, such as laxatives. The average American intake of magnesium, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey...
ADEK Synergy ADEK Synergy
Chi rho Chiropractic
ADEK Synergy
ADEK Synergy helps keep your body strong and healthy with a unique blend of fat soluble vitamins specifically made to enhance your wellbeing. Support your bones, heart and immune system with the essential nutrients found in ADEK Synergy - for a healthy and balanced...
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Our Testimonials

Elaine Miller
This Functional Care team (Dr Harmon, Dr Matt, and professional support staff) keep getting better and better - and my health is getting better and better as well! Very pleased to make a strong, excellent recommendation.
Julie Gott
My family and I have been going to Chi Rho for over 3 years now, and it feels like home. Can’t imagine navigating my life and our families health and overall well being without them.
Mark Myers
Dr. Harmon and his office has a unique set of tools unlike any other office I know of to help you heal from a variety of avenues. When he looks at your labs he can tell what is going on and develop a game plan to get you well. Couldn’t recommend his office highly enough!